Distance Learning Resources

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing us to rethink how we remain productive in an era where the trend is currently towards isolation in an effort to manage the spread of the virus.

A positive outcome of this trend is the wealth of resources for kids to keep learning, and discover new knowledge in awesome formats. Here are resources that we’re sharing with our kids to help them continue learning. Some of these resources are in Hebrew because they may be designed for Israeli school kids.

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Israeli/Hebrew language

English language

Virtual Museum Tours

Smithsonian Open Access

List of Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions Due to School Closings

Khan Academy schedules

Fun at Home โ€” Breakout EDU

PBS Kids

Scholastic Learn at Home

Colouring Books from 113 Museums

Torah Live


ื”ื—ืžืžื” ืฉืœ ืืœื™ื–ื‘ื˜ – Elizabeth Kay

San Diego Zoo Kids

Virtual Tours of Yellowstone National Park

Access Mars with Google

Museum of the World – Tour the British Museum with Google

Free Children's Books

It’s also helpful to keep our kids on a schedule that’s close to their regular school week. Here’s an example schedule that we’re using for one of our kids:

Suggest resources

Have you come across helpful distance learning resources too? You’re welcome to send them through to us to include in this collection, using this form:

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