The egg experiment with a bottle vacuum – ביצה ללא מוצה

Listen to this:

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This egg experiment involves creating a partial vacuum in a bottle that sucks a boiled egg into the bottle. The video is in Hebrew but you can see how it works.

בנסוי זה, בישלנו ביצה ויצרנו ואקום בבקבוק באמצעות נר. הוואקום מצץ את הביצה לתוך הבקבוק.

The idea is to use the candle to create a vacuum in the bottle. The reason this works is because the flame consumes the available oxygen in the bottle, creating a partial vacuum.

What you need for the egg experiment

You can probably find the items you need to run this experiment at home. Make sure you ask an adult to help you, though. You need:

  1. A hard-boiled egg (with the shell peeled off);
  2. A bottle with a neck slightly narrower than the egg;
  3. A candle and matches (always be careful with matches – as a grown-up to help you); and
  4. A clear space to do the experiment, away from anything that could catch fire.

How this experiment works

If you seal the lip of the bottle with the egg, you essentially seal the bottle. The flame will extinguish when there is no more oxygen to keep it burning and the resulting partial vacuum should suck the egg in.

What happens is that the air pressure inside the bottle drops much lower than the air pressure outside the bottle. The air pressure outside the bottle basically pushes on the egg and the lower air pressure inside the bottle practically sucks it in.

The effect of the higher pressure outside and the lower pressure inside results in the egg being sucked inside the bottle even though it is a little too big to fit without squeezing it in.

Here is another example of this experiment by Steve Spangler:

A note about our experiment

The bottle we used was a little narrow around the neck but it was a partial success at least.

Of course it is also really important to use a boiled egg or your experiment either won’t work or you’ll just have a big mess.

Big thanks to our friend, Assaf, for demonstrating the experiment for us!

תודה לאסף!

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